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Kristen Stewart Video Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE Part 1 from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.


Kristen Stewart Video Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE Part 2 from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.


11:05 a.m. Kristen Stewart says she drives a Toyota Tacoma and also, sometimes, a Mini-Cooper, "Though I feel a little too flashy in that."

11:05 a.m. "If I'm doing something that makes me happy and I'm not lying to anybody," Kristen says regarding what drives her. "I have a lot of ambitions, but for the next few years, I just want to be an actor.

11:06 a.m. Is the saga taking over her life? "This is a unique situation," she says, calling it "lucky" and a "serious indulgence." She says, "This is obviously the one role that has put me in this epic position, but it's just another movie," saying that "I really don't think about my career in terms of planning it out and what this does for me. This was just a part I really wanted to play and I was lucky to play it for a long time."

11:08 a.m. "What's cool is that things change," Kristen says, regarding the major choices that Bella makes in this movie. "As soon as she sees him in the first one, it's done. But it's hard for her to get to the point where everyone will accept that," she says of the Edward/Jacob choice.

11:10 a.m. "I just stand behind people who are stronger than me for the entire movie," Kristen says of the action responsibilities in this movie. She says that her hardest scene was the one where she got to kiss Jacob for the first time, but not for physical reasons. "It was a different Bella," she says, adding, "And I was nervous as hell about it." She calls The Kiss, "a mistake" that Bella makes.

11:10 a.m. "I think if you took all of the mythical aspects away from the story, it would still stand as a really strong, interesting thing to be a part of," Kristen insists. "I don't think it's a big phenomenon because of the vampire mythical aspect," she insists, saying the appeal is about the strength of the characters and the choices she makes, though she acknowledges the vampire stuff makes it "cooler."

11:12 a.m. As I tweeted last night, "Eclipse" features more close-ups than any previous movie. "I didn't do anything differently," Kristen insists, saying that working with somebody different on each movie has been cool, because it requires you to rethink the basic ideas, rather than just coasting along. "He meets Bella through me," Kristen says of working with David Slade and introducing him to the "Twilight" world.

11:13 a.m. Kristen admits she feels sad about losing things from the book, but she's relieved that "Breaking Dawn" is going to be two movies, meaning fewer cuts. She gushes,  "I can't wait to see Renesme. I can't wait to have a kid and get married."

11:14 a.m. "All of the things that annoy me about her are things that I love about her," Kristen says, regarding her favorite and least favorite Bella traits. "My favorite thing about her is that she screws up and doesn't care," Kristen says.

11:15 a.m. "I knew everything from the word 'go.' I'm really mature that way," Kristen cracks when asked if she ever had a birds-and-the-bees conversation with her own father. It's always good when she makes jokes.

11:16 a.m. "Do I believe in marriage? Yeah, sure. Whatever you want to do," Kristen says.

11:17 a.m. "That scene is eternal and I have nothing really to do in it," Kristen says of her role in The Tent scene. She had to play "sleep." She adds, "I just remember it being really hot." She's referring to actual warmth, not to being in a tent between Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, though...

11:18 a.m. Kirsten is listing her favorite designers. My eyes are glazing. I'll snap out of it in a second.

11:19 a.m. Does Kristen rush into things head-on like Bella? Or does she think more. "I do what I feel and I really don't think about what it's going to do afterwards," she says of her work choices. "I'm kind of a control freak," she adds. So apparently she's a bit like Bella and then a bit not.

11:20 a.m. Are Edward and Jacob actually good romantic choices? "None of our characters are perfect. They are all so crazy and messed up and that's why they go so well together," she says. She admits that if she were a friend of Bella's, she might be warning Bella to watch out for both Jacob *and* Edward.

11:21 a.m. She's over-the-moon about doing "On the Road," which was a favorite book of hers. She starts a four-week Beatnik Boot Camp in July in preparation for shooting. She notes that a four-week preparation process is unheard of. She's noticeably excited for this one, which will be directed by Walter Salles.

11:23 a.m. "It's hard to take details of your personal life and apply them to a scene," Kristen says, asking if she can relate to certain scenes. She's referring specifically to The Tent scene, again. "I wish it wasn't as hot," she adds again. Once again, warmth.

11:23 a.m. Kristen suspects "Breaking Dawn" will be PG-13, but admits she has no idea.

11:24 a.m. "For somebody who hasn't [seen the other movies], I do feel like these movies sort of stand alone. There's a lot of backstory, so you don't need to see the other ones to see this," Kristen says. She promises it has "way more action." She also calls it "more dynamic."

11:25 a.m. The "Breaking Dawn" shoot is going to be six months, starting in October, Kristen says. She says she's known that it was going to be two movies "forever" and she admits it's been hard to keep that "secret."

11:26 a.m. Uh-oh. A personal question for Kristen about her relationship with Rob and speculation surrounding it. She has no answer and just says that speculation will probably continue.

11:27 a.m. "I really can't wait to get into that. I've been on the outskirts of what it would be like to play one of them," Kristen says, regarding getting to tap into her vampire side for "Breaking Dawn," adding, "She's going to be the coolest vampire of any of them." She looks forward to charting the full character change in Bella from the first movie through to the end of "Breaking Dawn."

11:28 a.m. Sigh. Somebody ask Kristen to compare kissing Dakota Fanning and Taylor. She says she preferred Dakota, but she's obviously just trying to get on to the next question.

11:30 a.m. Yay! Kind words for Billy Burke, one of the franchise's most underrated pieces. She's all praise for her movie father. He has a couple great scenes in "Eclipse."

11:31 a.m. Kristen emphasizes that people who call Bella a weak, codependent girl aren't reading her correctly. She's learning. She's dealing with things. She's making mistakes and gaining from them and she's becoming more sure in what she wants.


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